Devlog 3 - New Fishing Mechanic Complete!

After another weeks worth of development, the new Fishing Mechanic has been programmed, tested, and cleared of many bugs, and is now complete, beside the couple of bugs still left to fix. This new fishing Mechanic will be the main highlight of the alpha to beta trailer for Quest for the Golden Guppy. Half the trailer will have the fishing footage. Here is a little sneak peak screenshots of the new mechanic:


More Fishing!!!

This was the main focus in this past week. However, the date system has also been added which can be seen in the top right UI. This date updates every time a day night cycle is complete. Not to difficult to make, but very important to new features coming to the game soon.

 I have also have been very busy with other work and haven't been getting a lot of time to work on the game. I am going to be working on the game lightly for the next 2 weeks or so, so I can focus on some more important stuff in my life right now. This means that the original publish date for the trailer, which would have been tomorrow (7/31/2018), will be postponed a bit. However, it will be coming very soon. Anyways, I'll see ya'll next time!

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