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In this game, "UhOhSanta!", Santa has procrastinated this year in sorting all of his presents. You must take the role as Santa, and fix his mistakes, and make sure that all of the presents are sorted in the right piles. Do your best to sort as many presents as you can as efficiently as possible!


For the Game Intro text, just press Enter or Space to scroll through it when it loads. It can sometimes be buggy, but we ran out of time to fix that.

Other then that, very simple controls. The top elf is controlled with W and the bottom elf with S. The rest should be pretty self explanatory based on color and location.


This quick little game was made of course for the Mega Tri-Jam 2019. Here are the challenges we meet in development:

  • Use Godot Engine
  • Make your game free and open source.
  • Have presents and gifts in your game
  • Have Christmas magic and spirit in your game
  • And of Course, this game was made under 9 hours


  • The End is Near (Christmas Time Being the End of the Year)
  • Mistakes Were Made (Santa's Dumb Mistake)

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